Construction Site Prep and Lot Beautification.

Most anything to make your site ready to build on or clean it up after your construction is done.

Hazardous Forest Fuel Reduction

Grind up or mulches the available fire products, so fuel is less readily available.

Wildlife Habitat Restoration

Removes unwanted brush and debris so wanted vegetation can flourish.

Hunting Plots and Riding Trail Clearing

Clears unwanted brush, trash, vines, and most branches for good walking path or clear shooting lane for hunting.

Post-Timber Harvest Clean-Up

Forest mulch to remove most smaller tops or brush. Remove, pile larger wood, or grinding of stumps to open area up for use again. Open up for access roads.

Fence, Survey and Utility Line Clearing and Maintenance

Excellent way to clean up around fence lines or clear out for new fence. Open up areas by or near power lines or for property line clearing.

Storm and Fire Clean-Up

To clean up after trees or debris from storm damage. Fire clean up, after an accidental fire in wooded areas.

Dense Brush, Undergrowth, Vegetation and Cedar Removal

This is the fastest way of reclaiming lots, or acreage, but leaving your keeper trees unhurt. We can work around smaller flowering trees aor any tree you want to keep. Makes short work out of most cedars and smaller trees.






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